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Sex Offender Registration and Notification Process

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Information on sex offenders is readily available online or through our App. Here are details about the Registration and Notification process:
Sex offenders are required to register with our office. Additionally, offenders are responsible for notifying us of any changes in residency or employment. Each year, during the offender's birth month and every three months thereafter, the offender must report in person to the Sheriff's Office for registration.
Sex offenders must regularly visit our office and verify their vehicles, residence, and other information
◾️Compliance Checks
Throughout the year Deputies or Investigators conduct a Compliance Check at the residence they have listed to verify their vehicles, residence, and other information.
◾️SORNA Violation
The Sex Offender Registration and Notification Act(SORNA) is the law that governs the Sex Offender Registration Process. Should a Sex Offender fail to register or be found out of compliance they face arrest on a SORNA Violation.
◾️Community Notification
If a sex offender changes residence or registers a new address, the information is visible on our app and website. Additionally, all residents within 1000-2000 feet of the registered address's property line, will receive a notification postcard. The Notification Postcard may take 7-10 days to arrive.
◾️Registration Requirements Vary
Each Sex Offender may have unique specific, stipulations that only apply to them based on their sex offender status or terms of their probation.

View Sex Offender information on our website: or get our Smartphone App: MCSO Now

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