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Court Transports

Deputies transporting Inmates to Court Deputy escorting inmate in courthouse Deputy escorting inmate into courthouse

The Transports Unit is responsible for the safe and secure movement of inmates remanded to the custody of the Sheriff.

Many may not be aware, but the Morgan County Jail is a transportation hub. With an average inmate population near 600, there a multiple types of transport occurring almost every day. Inmates are transported to and from court proceedings, State prison system facilities, and various local, state, and federal jurisdictions.

Additionally, the Transports Unit manages transports from across Alabama and the United States when extraditions are in order.


Lt. Greg TetreaultLieutenant
Greg Tetreault


Deputy Ray Eubanks
Ray Eubanks

Deputy Ashley Bennett
Ashley Bennett


Deputy Mike Davis
Mike Davis


Officer April Speegle
April Speegle



Officer Jerry Baileu
Jerry Bailey



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